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The more he got to know the other, his once powerful and charismatic image slowly disappeared. It could be possible that if he could speak, he would be a chatterbox.


The man was dressed in a suit that couldn't normally be found in Ark. The 13th squad immediately noticed the inspector. Han calmly looked towards the inspector. He took the initiative to walk down and salute the inspector.


Han had finally developed a psychic skill he excelled in over others. He came to the realization that his psychic control had become incredibly precise. Han had only realized it in those recent days. When he was battling against Squad 7 in the aerial squad battles, he had to precisely control the acceleration while throwing the airbeats.


Kijo's throat seemed to be filled with blood and couldn't properly speak. The werewolf and elu hunters' dead bodies gave off the stench of death. The forest surrounding them was burning down and their surroundings were bright.


It was very difficult for any sweeper to defend against the enemy due to the severe stamina penalty. Time to time, there are no attacks at all and it's common that the sweepers stand around doing nothing. Everyone tries their best to avoid the sweeper position because it wasn't fun at all.


"I doubt they'll be able to use explosives against us since we collected all the data." Corporal Zhai narrowed his eyes. He observed the Chinese soldiers. The standstill continued for a long minute. Squad Victor attempted to communicate to Ark's headquarters, but the other side jammed all transmitters in the immediate area.

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'These youths have received formal training as a psyker, but it's surprising that they've survived through these conditions.'


All the weapons that had been hanging on the gymnasium wall started floating. Then, the weapons started floating in circles around Instructor Wei.


Kato's face flushed red like he would explode. His fist was slowly rising.


'Canute considers a variety of aspects, making his decisions very dependable; he is suitable for solo runs and he understands when to work together and when to split up the team.'


There were rumors that there would be many new third year transfers. The higher-ups also observed the youths with a positive outlook. A couple were judged to have problems with teamwork and character, but this flaw was drastically reduced after many mock battles and actual battle experience accrued.


The werewolf swung its arms, causing a deep gash in the tree. It let out a chaotic beaming gaze toward Han and Kijo while it glared on.


"Kato is at the hospital ward; he tried to commit suicide while you were away. It's a mystery if he'll ever recover," Jose said.



'Dimitri is not one to be wary of how others view him and forcibly bend his own beliefs for the sake of others. He rather enjoys experiencing hardships. He will probably join my squad, the more others try to stop him, the more it will prove to be futile.'



'Let's start by making this black guy my subordinate. This kind of pushover should be as easy as pie' Wuxiaworld for visiting.


'If I express my anxiousness, my squad will also become more restless. Even if I don't have a plan for them, I need to act like I do.'


The old man suddenly burst into a fit of anger toward Sergeant Red. Sergeant Red took out another cigar to smoke while confronting the old man.

  • Laocha raised his arms and pretended to tremble in fear. Han was confident in his own skills. Not to mention, his bone density and muscle fibers were stronger than your average human.
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